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Complaint of Violation of Civil Rights and Request for Help.

Honorable Michael B. Mukasey,
United States Attorney General, US Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W., Washington, D.C., 20530-0001
Re: Complaint of Violation of Civil Rights and Request for Help.
Honorable United States Attorney General :
In response to a request made by the Associated Press under the Freedom of Information Act, the US government declassified documents describing how during the cold war, the government initiated a program to employ radiation to kill those who denounce injustice in a way that the victim could not sense the aggression and on a way that it was impossible to trace the aggression to the US government. (Please See "The Cold War Secret," The Monitor, at 4B; "Army Studied Radioactive Poison for Cold War", San Antonio Express- News at 1A, (Oct. 10, 2007).
My family and I are victims of radiation aggressions and organized stalking as retaliation for denouncing racial discrimination, and fraud of federal funds against members of the judiciary. This Complaint points out to specific and concrete evidence on the record showing how the President of the United States has influenced courts and agencies to discredit the harm caused by directed energy as delusional or fantastic.
Alberto Gonzales, former US Attorney General, through his counsel of record, has claimed that the use of x-rays and gamma rays is legal for surveillance of residences. Attached are Exhibits "1" , "2" and "3" which describe some of the harm caused on myself and on my children by directed radiation. During his farewell statements, Mr. Gonzales claimed that during his tenure as Attorney General he witnessed depravity that he though the man was not capable off. An investigation of this case may determine whether torturing women and children by directed radiation is the type of depravity Mr. Gonzales was referring to.
An investigation over this case may expose the number of victims that have been killed as a result of organized stalking and may expose how officials have excluded from their reports evidence of their participation and the motive that is causing these tragedies on educational institutions across the nation.
The cases below expose the fact that there are no safeguards in place to impede that the same mentality that tortured and murdered women and children in concentration camps make homes, churches, schools and even vehicles, virtual microwave ovens..
This type of terrorism could be considered now the most serious threat to American families. Everyday we live this torture. We need your help to stop these aggressions.
The following cases point to specific and concrete instances in the record where members of the judiciary engaged in fraud of the courts to discredit the harm caused by directed radiation and organized harassment.
In May 1995, I started my law studies at The Thomas M. Cooley Law School in Lansing Michigan, relying on a promise of an equal opportunity to compete for a law degree. Many of the law students at the law school claimed affiliation with federal law enforcement and investigative agencies. The resume of the Dean of the law school Don Le Duc indicates that he held several positions with the US Department of Justice. At the end of 1997, I submitted evidence to the Mr. Le Duc showing how the president of the law school, former judge Thomas E. Brennan and judge Roman S. Briggs were operating a scheme to defraud minorities of their federal loans. A few days after, I became the subject of a malicious federal investigation, radiation surveillance and organized harassment. During that time, John Brennan was heading the CIA's Counter Terrorism Center.
(After his retirement, John Brennan denounced the Department of Defense use of military technology for domestic surveillance as a major mistake, "Military Taking Bigger Spying Role in War on Terrorism", San Antonio Express-News at 3A (March 8, 2006).
The pervasive harassment forced me to leave my studies one month away from finishing my last semester of school in the State of Michigan, and I returned to my home town, Mission, Texas. I left the law school in good academic and moral standing.
In February of 1999, I filed a federal law suit seeking redress for the physical harm caused by the malicious overexposure to radiation, an electrical sensitivity. Please See Exhibit "1", and "3a" and "3b." The Second Amended Complaint details how members of the judiciary and of the bar are operating a scheme to deprive minorities of the opportunity to obtain a law degree, while giving away law degrees to those affiliated with government agencies.
The late US District Judge Filemon Vela, assigned the case to US Magistrate Judge Dorina Ramos. Judge Ramos ordered the transfer of the case from Mcallen Texas, to the US District Court in Grand Rapids Michigan, despite of conclusive evidence on the record showing that the Defendants made false statements to the Court in their efforts to transfer the case; despite evidence showing that the harm caused by the retaliatory electronic aggression had impaired my ability to travel long distances; and despite conclusive evidence of the law school fraudulent activities within the State of Texas. Jesus Mendoza Maldonado v. The Thomas M. Cooley Law School, et al, Southern Dist. of Texas US Dist. of TX, Mcallen, Division, Case M-99-77.
The litigation continued in Grand Rapids, Michigan by mail and by telephonic conferences. US District Judge Robert Holmes Bell assigned the case to US Magistrate Joseph G. Scoville, a professor a the Defendant's law school. During the litigation, I sought accommodations to my disability to prevent that the law school defendants take advantage of my health condition during the litigation. In response to my requests, Judge Scoville issued a warning of sanctions if I ever requested to the court consideration of my disability.
Following the Court's pretrial schedule, I filed an Amended Complaint that included as defendants some law school graduates, members of the judiciary that composed the law school Board of Directors. Judge Holmes Bell denied the filing of the Amended Complaint on the ground that the Motion was filed one day before the deadline. A motion for Summary Judgement established as a matter of law the Defendants' fraudulent scheme, the harm caused by the retaliatory electronic aggression, and my mental stability.
At the time the radiation aggression intensified aggravating my health condition, the defendants sought to take depositions at places that I could not appear. I filed a timely motion seeking protection from the court. Judge Holmes Bell ignored the Motion and dismissed the case as a sanction after my health condition did not allow me to appear to scheduled depositions. On May 2003, a panel composed by Judge Boggs and Daughtrey, Circuit Judges and Oberdorfer District Judge, declined to consider the defendants' fraudulent conduct. Jesus Mendoza Maldonado v. The Thomas M. Cooley Law School, et al, US Dist. Court for the Western. Dist. MI., Case No. 5: 01cv93; US Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, Case No. 02-2095.
On January of the year 2003, I filed a law suit against the US Attorney General John Ashcroft seeking an Order to stop the electronic aggression after I saw my children with convulsions and seizures while detection equipment was showing high intensities of radiation inside our home. (Maldonado v Ashcroft, US Dist. Court for the Southern Dist. of Texas, Mcallen division, Case No. M 03-038). US District Judge Ricardo H. Hinojosa assigned US Magistrate Judge Dorina Ramos to the case. Judge Ramos recused herself in response to evidence of her judicial misconduct to benefit those engaged in fraud of federal funds, discrimination and retaliation. US District Judge Ricardo H. Hinojosa reassigned Judge Ramos to the case. On a hearing before Judge Ramos, my wife testified to the pain and suffering caused on myself and on my children when detection equipment shows high intensities of directed radiation inside our home. Judge Ramos altered the testimony of my wife to discredit evidence of electronic aggression and to imply that I am delusional. Judge Hinojosa disregarded the evidence on the record of alteration of testimony by Judge Ramos and dismissed the case. (Subsequent to the alteration of testimony, President George W. Bush appointed Judge Hinojosa to head the US Sentencing Commission. According the Dr. Jerry Polinard, a government professor at the University of Texas Pan-American, Judge Hinojosa was the first choice for nomination to the US Supreme Court by former President Bush).
At no time the US Attorney, nor the US Attorney General opposed evidence on the record of the judicial misconduct by Judge Hinojosa and Judge Ramos. (Maldonado v Ashcroft, Case No. M 03-038, audiotape of hearing, Docket No. 29, Docket No. 32, at five, Statement of Evidence, Docket No. 40).
During the litigation of this case, neither the US Attorney nor the US Attorney General opposed video tape evidence of the pain and suffering caused on myself and on my children while detection equipment indicated an electronic aggression; evidence that federal agencies are using harmful satellite radiation technologies which are otherwise reserved for national security and the military to direct radiation into residences; an affidavit of a former government agent who was sent to the emergency room with internal bleeding every time he offered to testify in court to the legitimacy of my claims of electronic aggression; and evidence showing how three federal agents, (Mark Miller, Michael Rodriguez, and Jeffrey Schrimer), who identified themselves to the principal of the school as FBI agents, engaged in harassment at my work place, a day I attempted to file a criminal complaint against the law school defendants. During the litigation of this case, David L. Guerra, counsel of record for the US Attorney General acknowledged my mental stability, and claimed that the use of ionizing radiation (x- and gamma rays) for surveillance of residences is legal. (Please See Exhibits "1" and "2", and "3"which illustrate and describe the harm caused on myself and on my children by x- and gamma radiation).
A panel composed by US District Judges Reavley, Wiener, and Benavides recognized my electrical sensitivity, the harm caused by the electronic aggression. However, the panel declined to address the judicial misconduct of Judge Hinojosa and Judge Ramos. On December of 2004, the same panel denied the Petition for Rehearing in Banc. US Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit Case No. 04-40095. On the year 2005, the US Supreme Court declined to hear the case. Jesus Mendoza Maldonado v Alberto R. Gonzales, U.S. S. Ct., Case No. 04-9908.
Judge Ramos and Judge Hinojosa declined an invitation by the Judicial Council of Fifth Court of Appeals to engage the evidence of their judicial misconduct. However, Carolyn Dineen King, the Chief Judge of the US Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit declined to consider specific and concrete evidence of fraud on the court by Judge Ramos and Judge Hinojosa. I filed a Petition for Review to the Judicial Council. On October of 2004, Judge E. Grady Jolly signed an Order affirming the dismissal of the Complaints. Complaints of Judicial Misconduct Nos. 04-05-372-0089 and 90. (According to Joseph St. Amant, a spokesman for the Judicial Council of the US Court of Appeals, during eight or nine years, and hundreds of complaints of judicial misconduct, only one Complaint has resulted in sanctions. "Federal judge known for dispensing humor finds himself on trouble", San Antonio Express-News, at 9B, October 3, 2007).
The radiation aggression divested my immune system of the ability to tolerate environmental radiation. Exposure to radiation emitted by power lines, flourescent lights, video display terminals, air conditioning motors, cellular telephones, etc., causes me among other things, swelling of vital organs, internal bleeding, breathing problems, loss of concentration and speech impairment. My ability to work, to be inside buildings and to travel are substantially impaired. I have been critically ill several times, I am in pain all the time. An Administrative Law Judge for the Social Security Administration found my electrical sensitivity, a severe impairment. Please See Exhibit "3". However, the Judge denied my applications for disability benefits, and I appealed to federal court.
The case was assigned to US District Judge Ricardo H. Hinojosa. Judge Hinojosa did not recuse himself from the case and assigned the case to US Magistrate Judge Peter E. Ormsby. On a telephonic hearing on November 21, 2005, counsel for the Social Security Administration did not oppose evidence of their false statements on their motion for summary judgement. Judge Ormsby expressed his sympathy for my situation and implied that a favorable recommendation was forthcoming. During the year 2006, the Clerk of the district court claimed that a Report and Recommendation had been issued but had not been entered, and then claimed that a Recommendation had not been issued. Despite conclusive evidence demonstrating that I am entitled to disability insurance benefits, the case is still pending. (Jesus Mendoza Maldonado v The Social Security Administration, US Dist. Ct. S. Dist of TX., Mcallen Division, Case No. M-05-133).
We have been victims of organized staking. I have been a victim of a drive by shooting, death treats, and attempts to run over myself and my children among other things. Organized stalking includes high speed road harassment, pervasive monitoring of the target, and attempts to disrupt daily routines to overload the senses of the target aimed to cause emotional disturbances and to cause harm in a way that appears natural, accidental or self inflicted. Pervasive harassment in schools and universities may be responsible for causing many of tragedies that are occurring across the nation. On some cases organized stalking may use satellite tracking and other surveillance technologies to coordinate mob harassment. Some evidence indicates that funding, technology and organization comes from federal programs. Many victims of electronic aggression are also victims of organized stalking. Hate groups and groups within federal funded sects in this area organize the local stalking groups. They fuel support and participation from others by circulating false rumors that the target is mentally insane, child molester, drug dealer, a prostitute, homosexual, spy, terrorist, etc. People from all walks of life, from the homeless to professional people, compose these groups. Members of these groups are found on the courts, on the universities, hospitals, the clergy and even on law enforcement agencies. For a description of organized stalking Please See
Mr. Terry Leonard, one of my neighbors is a US assistant Attorney, in Mcallen, Texas. Mr. Leonard is one of the US prosecutors that have engaged in this type of harassment. Mr. Leonard may have information of those using electronic weapons in this area. My former next-door neighbor the late Consuelo Pullen, claimed that Mr. Leonard was familiar with electronic surveillance of my home. Mrs. Pullen died of complications of lupus, a rare condition that can be attributed to overexposure to radiation. Mrs.' Pullen next-door neighbor suffered the same condition. My next-door neighbor, Juanita Wilburn died of complications caused by Lupus a few month ago. At several times, I found extreme intensities of radiation at the homes of both, Mrs. Pullen and of Mrs. Wilbert.
The organized harassment intensified after I brought claims of judicial misconduct against Judge Ramos, and against Judge Hinojosa. Some of the identified culprits include Michael James Lindquist, a self proclaimed apostle of a non-Christian federal funded congregation; Diane K. Smedley, a high school teacher; Ruth Watkins, the wife of a high school teacher; and Christopher T. Lohden, a pilot of a local bank. Without a hearing and despite of defendants' admissions and incriminating evidence, US District Judge Lynn N. Hughes, dismissed the case. The Defendants did not oppose the evidence of their harassment nor the appeal. However on September of 2006, a panel composed of Chief Judge Jones, and King and Dennis found the appeal frivolous and issued a warning of sanctions. Maldonado v Lindquist, et al, US District Court Southern District of Texas, Houston Division, Case N0. H-05-97.(US Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit Case No. 05-20257. (Chief Judge Carolyn Dineen King was not qualified to hear this case since she had declined to consider conclusive evidence on the record of the fraud on the court by US District Judge Ricardo H. Hinojosa and US Magistrate Dorina Ramos).
While my wife was absent, I was involuntarily committed to a state hospital after my mother acted on the misbelief that I was neglecting medical care and on the misbelief that a State hospital could treat electrical sensitivities. During the mental evaluation I submitted to Dr. David Moron, medical documentation of the legitimacy of my condition and legal documentation showing how this injury was caused b overexposure to radiation. Dr. Moron claimed that he was not familiar with injuries caused by radiation and promised a release as soon he verified the fact that a case was pending on the US Supreme Court. The next day, Dr. Cannelus Caralampus a doctor familiar with electrical sensitivities evaluated my mental condition finding that the only problem I had was the difficulty of explaining to others that I am sensitive to environmental radiation. The medical records released by Dr. Moron claim that I have delusions of persecutions and does not include the findings of Dr. Caralampus. During the evaluation to qualify for rehabilitation services, Nancy Murray, counselor the Texas Dept. of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services excluded medical and legal document of the legitimacy of my disability and mental stability to deny rehabilitation and to blame my condition to a mental problem.
I filed a federal law suit to compel Texas Dept. of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services to provide rehabilitation technology and to compel Dr. Moron to amend my medical records. On a hearing before US District Judge Randy Crane, I introduced documents which Nancy Murray, a counselor for the Defendant Rehabilitation Agency, had excluded form the administrative record to deny rehabilitation services and to claim that I have a mental problem. The document excluded by Mrs. Murray included a decision of the Social Security Administration finding my electromagnetic sensitivity a severe impairment; pictures of the swelling caused on my face when exposed to radiation; and a document in which the President of the World Health Organization declares her sensitivity to radiation. The defendants did not oppose the evidence or their wrongdoing. However, Judge Crane adopted defendants' statements and which falsity can be verified by the record itself to imply that I am delusional and to dismiss the case.
In response to motion to recuse pointing to specific and concrete evidence of disqualification, Judge Crane did not deny his judicial misconduct, claiming instead that those without an attorney are not entitled to an impartial judge, abrogating well established constitutional protections. On June of 2007, US Circuit Judges Jolly, Dennis, and Clement, declined to consider evidence of fraud on the court and issued another warning of sanctions. Jesus Mendoza v Dr. David Moron, et al, US District Court for the Southern District of Texas, Mcallen Division, Case No. 7 05-CV-184; US Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, Case No. 06-40671. (Circuit Judges Jolly and Dennis were not qualified to hear the case, since they had declined to consider evidence of fraud on the court by Judge Hinojosa and Judge Ramos).
In retaliation for filing a case against Dr. Moron and the Texas Dept. of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services, the University of Texas Pan-American terminated my access to research on its library. Judge Randy Crane dismissed the case claiming in essence that those who do not receive Social Security disability benefits are not entitled to disability accommodations on public places, abrogating well established federal and state disability laws. Judge Crane lifted procedural obstacles to appeal the case after I sought Congressional help. In order to avoid the possibility that sanctions would be imposed on appeal, I filed a motion to certify that the appeal is not frivolous citing to the federal record conclusive evidence of judicial misconduct to benefit those committing fraud on the court. The Clerk of the court declined to present the Motion to the court and I withdraw the appeal. Jesus Mendoza v. The University of Texas Pan-American, US Dist. Ct. S. Dist. of TX., Case No. M-05-408; US Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, case No. 06-41453.
I submitted to the City of Mission Police Department evidence of the electronic aggression and organized stalking. The Chief of police Mr. Lio Longoria claimed that he was to investigate the case himself. After examination videotapes of detection equipment showing high intensities of radiation inside our home, and of the pain and suffering of my children, Mr. Joe Gonzales an investigator for the police department, concluded that our home had been the subject of an electronic aggression. Another investigator, Ezequiel Navarro, claimed that the local office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation had directed him no to intervene, because of an ongoing investigation of my activities by the Central Intelligence Agency.
Based on these facts, and on the facts established by federal litigation, a law suit was filed in federal court in Washington, D.C. The law suit sought an Order to compel the Defendants to cease and desist from using radiation surveillance during any investigation of my activities. Without a hearing, and without allowing the Defendants to respond, US District Judge Richard W. Roberts, dismissed the Complaint as delusional or fantastic.
On November 21, 2006, Ginsburg, Chief Judge, and Randolph and Tatel, Circuit Judges denied the Petition for Rehearing. The same day, Ginsburg Chief Judge, and Sentelle, Henderson, Randolph, Rogers, Tatel, Garland, Brown, and Kavanaugh, denied the Petition for Rehearing in Banc.
Judge Brett Kavanaugh, a former White House aide, failed to recuse himself from the case. Judge Kavanaugh is disqualified to hear cases of domestic surveillance because he worked as a White House aid, and was involved in crafting strategies to conceal from Congress the harmful use of radiation domestic surveillance programs. To the best of my knowledge and belief, Judge Kavanaugh is the subject of a Congressional inquiry to determine if he deceived a Congressional Committee during confirmation hearings. On June 21, of 2007, the US Supreme Court declined to get involved in the case.
Jesus Mendoza Maldonado v Keith Alexander, in his official capacity as director of the National Security Agency, Michael Hayden, in his official capacity as Director of the Central intelligence Agency, and George W. Bush in his official capacity as President of the United states of America, US Court Supreme Court, Case No. 06-9569.
In a case challenging the legality of domestic spy programs filed in Chicago, Illinois, US District Judge Matthew Kennelly claimed receiving ex-parte communications from NSA Director Keith Alexander and from National Intelligence Agency Director John Negroponte, before dismissing the case. Terkel v NSA Cite
In Re Jesus Mendoza, I sought to depose some of the individuals engaged in organized harassment. After I filed the Petition, Mr. Clinton Welding claimed that his son was driving the vehicle that attempted to ram its back on my vehicle. Mr. Welding promised to provide the names and addresses of those engaged in organized harassment in exchange of a dismissal of the Petition to depose his son. Mr. Clinton breached his promise and hired counsel, who then filed a Motion to dismiss the Petition. Without a hearing, State District Judge Aida Salinas Flores dismissed Mr. Clinton from the Petition. I filed a motion to appear by telephonic conference to judicial proceedings as an accommodation to my disability. Without a hearing, State District Judge Bobby Flores denied the Motion. A motion to recuse Judge Flores is pending before the court.
In re Jesus Mendoza, 139th District Court of Hidalgo County, Cause No. C-2817-05-C.
In Pedro S. Montano v Jesus Mendoza, a doctor familiar with my health condition filed a law suit in Justice of the Peace Court falsely claiming that rats had caused damages to his vehicle. For more than five years, Dr. Montano had abandoned the vehicle at my place breaching a promise to provide the necessary parts for repair. Before filing the law suit, his attorney, Mr. Carlos Ortegon claimed that although there was no legal basis for the law suit, he could manipulate the courts. Without allowing time for discovery, Justice of the Peace Ismael "Melo" Ochoa set date for trail and issued an Order to compel my attendance to trial under penalty of arrest without taking into consideration medical documentation showing that a prolonged stay inside a building was bound to cause me severe physical harm.
I filed a Petition seeking protection on the State District Court. However, the hearing on the Application for a Temporary Restraining Order was set until after the date for trial.
On October 27, 2007, Judge Ochoa allowed counsel for Dr. Montano to select as jurors persons that had declared their inability to render a fair verdict. Dr. Daniel Charles Brown claimed to be a friend of Dr. Montano, and Maria Lourdes Gonzalez claimed that she had been involved in repossession of a car apparently by mechanics. During a Court recess and while Petitioner was absent, Gonzalez was selected Jury Foreman. During trial, Judge Ochoa threatened to order my arrest when I opposed the false statement of Dr. Montano's counsel to the jury, and declined to submit my counterclaim to the jury. Although Dr. Montano failed to produce any evidence of the damage caused to the vehicle by rats, Judge Ochoa signed a judgement of more than four thousand dollars in favor of Dr. Montano.
State District Judge Noe Gonzales did not consider a Motion with supporting medical documentation to appear by telephonic conference to the hearing on the application to restrain Judge Ochoa from violating my civil rights. Judge Gonzales found no jurisdiction on the case, and asked me whether I wanted to settle the case in exchange of the money judgement obtained by Dr. Montano. I agreed to settle the case in exchange of the money judgement. After the hearing, counsel for Dr. Montano refused to settle the case claiming that the court did not have jurisdiction and the agreement was not on the record. An appeal of the judgement voided the judgement as a matter of law. I filed an Amended Petition seeking damages for the aggravation of my condition after I was compelled to stay inside the court room for an extended period of time. The harm caused includes among other things increased pain, which now requires the shielding of the thoracic box at all times, to avoid swelling of internal organs, and internal bleeding. After Dr. Montano defaulted on discovery seeking the identity of those who may be engaged in organized harassment, counsel for Dr. Montano and Judge Ochoa filed a forged "Agreed Motion to Dismiss" the Case. The same day, Judge Gonzales signed the Order of Dismissal. I filed a motion for a hearing to establish the fact that fraud had been committed on the court. Judge Gonzales did not allow me to appear by telephone to the hearing and dismissed the case. An Appeal is pending. At no time neither Dr. Montano nor Judge Ochoa have opposed the evidence of on the record of their fraud on the court. Jesus Mendoza v Dr. Pedro S. Montano and Ismael Ochoa, 13th Court of Appeals, Case No. 13-07-00146-CV.
The appeal of the judgement signed by Judge Ochoa resulted on a new trial. After Dr. Montano defaulted on discovery, Hidalgo County Judge Jaime Palacios denied my Motion to appear by telephonic conference to the hearing on my Motion for sanctions. The court's case manager advised me that failing to appear in person will result in dismissal of my claims. Pending before the court is a motion to recuse Judge Palacios. Dr. Pedro S. Montano v Jesus Mendoza, Hidalgo County Court at Law 2, Case No. CL-06-3256-B.
I have submitted Requests for access to the courts by telephonic conferences with supporting medical documentation to defend myself from the attempts to cause harm to myself and to my children to the Hidalgo County Judge Ramon Garcia, to the Office of the Administrative Presiding District Judge Mario Ramirez and District Judge Juan Partida to no avail.
For all of the above reasons, I request the US Attorney General to investigate this Complaint and that after an investigation, proceed accordingly against those responsible for the criminal acts detailed in this Complaint. If more information or documentation is needed, I will be happy to oblige.
Respectfully Submitted,
Jesus Mendoza
2202 E. 28th St. Mission, Texas, 78574
Tel. 956 519 7140.

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