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September 22, 2008.

Re: Complaint of Violation of Civil Rights, and Request for Help.

Jesus Mendoza Maldonado

2202 E. 28th. St.

Mission, Texas 78574.

Ph.: (956)519-7140

Email: jessemm7@yahoo.com

To whom it may concern:

My three children and I are the subject of torture by satellite tracking and Organized Stalking as retaliation for denouncing fraud of federal funds, racial discrimination and judicial corruption. This Complaint points out to specific and concrete evidence on the federal record showing the legitimacy of my claims. Please See Exhibit '1' (attached) which describes some of the physical harm caused on myself and on my children by overexposure to the radiation used by satellite tracking. Exhibit '2' and '3' describe some of the physical harm caused on myself by overexposure to radiation. Exhibit '2'is a Decision of the Social Security Administration finding my electromagnetic sensitivity a severe impairment. Exhibit '3' is a Physician Statement of Disability by the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services which describes some of harm caused by the overexposure to radiation.

I was maliciously overexposed to radiation for the first time in 1997, as retaliation for denouncing a fraudulent scheme against the second largest law school in the country, the Thomas M. Cooley Law School located in Lansing, Michigan. At that time I was going on my second year of law school. I found myself on the emergency room with a swollen heart and breathing difficulties a few days after I submitted to the dean of the law school evidence that the law school engaged in racial discrimination, fraud of federal funds, and the giving away of law degrees to those affiliated to government agencies. At that time, I had been elected president of the Hispanic Law Society and I had been on the Dean's list.

The Electronic Aggression and the Organized Stalking forced me to leave my studies one month away from finishing the last semester in the State of Michigan, and I returned to my hometown, Mission, Texas. I left the law school in good moral and academic standing. In my efforts to stop the electronic aggression, I sought help from the federal courts. Although the litigation did not stop the electronic aggression, the following line of cases established on the record the legitimacy of my claims.

A motion for summary judgment established as a matter of law the injuries caused on myself by the electronic aggression, my mental stability, and the fact that the law school incited against me a retaliatory federal electronic surveillance and Organized Stalking for denouncing the fraudulent scheme, including a fraud of student money committed by the president of the law school and former Chief Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court, Thomas E. Brennan, and by the then judge of the Michigan Court of appeals, Roman S. Briggs. Jesus Mendoza Maldonado v. The Thomas M. Cooley Law School, et al, W. Dist. MI., Case No. 5: 01cv93.

On 2003, I filed a law suit against the US Attorney General John Ashcroft to stop the electronic aggression after I saw two of my children with convulsions and seizures while detection equipment was showing high intensities of radiation inside our home. US District Judge Ricardo H. Hinojosa assigned US Magistrate Dorina Ramos to hear the case. Judge Ramos recused herself in light of evidence that Judge Ramos ignored conclusive evidence of a fraud of student money committed by Judge Brennan and Judge Gribbs, and ignored evidence of the harm caused by the electronic aggression before sending the case against the Thomas M. Cooley Law School from McAllen, Texas to Grand Rapids, Michigan. US District Judge Ricardo Hinojosa reassigned the case to Judge Ramos.

On a hearing before US Magistrate Dorina Ramos, my wife testified to the pain and suffering caused on myself and on my children when detection equipment shows high intensities of directed radiation inside our home, and how the readings on the meters go down as soon as I try to video tape the aggression. On a Report and Recommendation to dismiss the case, Judge Ramos altered the testimony of my wife to imply that I am delusional. The Report states that my wife testified that my problems subside as soon as I operate a video camera. Judge Hinojosa declined to consider the judicial misconduct of Judge Ramos and dismissed the case.

During the litigation of this case, the US Attorney General did not oppose evidence of alteration of testimony by Judge Ramos; acknowledged my mental stability; and claimed that the use of ionizing radiation (x- and gamma rays) for surveillance of residences is legal. During the litigation of this case, the US Attorney General did not oppose an affidavit of a former government agent who was sent to the emergency room with internal bleeding every time he offered to testify in court to my mental stability and to the legitimacy of my claims of electronic aggression. During the litigation of this case, the US Attorney General did not oppose evidence showing that three federal agents (Mark Miller, Michael Rodriguez, and Jeffrey Schrimer, who identified themselves to the principal of the school as FBI agents) engaged in harassment at my work place, a day I attempted to file a criminal complaint against officers of the Thomas M. Cooley Law School. During the litigation of this case, the US Attorney General did not oppose video tape evidence of the pain and suffering caused on myself and on my children while detection equipment indicated an electronic aggression, and evidence that federal agencies are using harmful satellite radiation technologies which are otherwise reserved for national security and the military to direct radiation into residences.

Although the Court of Appeals recognized my electrical sensitivity, the harm caused by the electronic aggression, the court did not address the magistrate's alteration of testimony to dismiss the case, finding that I had failed to establish a connection between the electronic aggression and the US Attorney General. The US Supreme Court declined to get involved in the case. (Maldonado v Ashcroft, Case No. M 03-038; US Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit Case No. 04-40095; Jesus Mendoza Maldonado v Alberto R. Gonzales, U.S. S. Ct., Case No. 04-9908).

I submitted to the City of Mission Police Department videotapes showing high intensities of radiation on detection equipment and the pain and suffering inflicted on my children. The Chief of police, Lio Longoria claimed that he was to investigate the case himself. After examination of the videotapes, Joe Gonzales an investigator for the police department concluded that our home had been the subject of an electronic aggression. Another investigator, Ezequiel Navarro, claimed that the local office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation had directed him no to intervene on the case, because of an ongoing investigation of my activities by the Central Intelligence Agency.

Based on these facts, and on the facts established by the litigation against the US Attorney General, I filed a lawsuit in Washington, D.C. The lawsuit sought an Order to compel the Defendants to cease and desist from using radiation surveillance during any investigation of my activities, and to show cause for the investigation. Without a hearing, and without allowing the Defendants to respond, US District Judge Richard W. Roberts, dismissed the Complaint as delusional or fantastic.

On November 21, 2006, Ginsburg, Chief Judge, and Randolph and Tatel, Circuit Judges denied the Petition for Rehearing. The same day, Ginsburg Chief Judge, and Sentelle, Henderson, Randolph, Rogers, Tatel, Garland, Brown, and Kavanaugh, denied the Petition for Rehearing in Banc.

Judge Kavanaugh, a former White House aide (and possibly a former officer of the Thomas M. Cooley Law School), failed to recuse himself from the case. Judge Kavanaugh is disqualified to hear cases of domestic surveillance because while working as White House aid, Judge Kavanaugh was involved in crafting strategies to conceal from Congress the harmful use of radiation domestic surveillance programs. Judge Kavanaugh has been the subject of a Congressional inquiry to determine if he deceived a Congressional Committee during confirmation hearings. On June 21, of 2007, the US Supreme Court declined to get involved in the case.

Jesus Mendoza Maldonado v Keith Alexander, in his official capacity as director of the National Security Agency, Michael Hayden, in his official capacity as Director of the Central intelligence Agency, and George W. Bush in his official capacity as President of the United states of America, US Court Supreme Court, Case No. 06-9569.

Organized Stalking is a copy of the method used by dictatorships to retaliate against those who denounce injustice. Organized stalking includes pervasive street following and high speed road harassment, and disruption of daily routines aimed to overload the senses of the target and to cause harm in a way that appears natural, accidental, self inflicted, or the result of a mental problem. Hate groups and groups disguised as neighborhood watch members organize the stalking groups. They fuel support and participation from others by circulating false rumors that the target is mentally insane, child molester, drug dealer, a prostitute, homosexual, spy, terrorist, etc. People from all walks of life, from the homeless to professional people, compose these groups. See http://www.multistalkervictims.org/terstalk.htm

There is evidence that funding for these activities may come from hate groups, and from federal funded faith funds for congregations. Members of these groups are found on the courts, on the universities, hospitals, the clergy and even on law enforcement agencies. The road harassment has resulted in deadly consequences. Children have been picked dead from the pavement in this area. Evidence that the shootings on campuses and congregations across the country are a reaction to Organized Stalking include the swift intervention of federal agencies to remove evidence showing that the culprits were reacting to pervasive harassment.

There have been several attempts to run over my children and myself. Some of the identified organizers of Organized Stalking include Michael James Lindquist, a self proclaimed apostle of a non-Christian federal funded congregation; Diane K. Smedley, a high school teacher; Ruth Watkins, the wife of a high school teacher; and Christopher T. Lohden, a pilot of a local bank. Without a hearing and despite of defendants' admissions and incriminating evidence, US District Judge Lynn N. Hughes, dismissed the case.

The Defendants did not oppose the appeal. A panel composed of Chief Judge Jones, and King and Dennis found the appeal frivolous and issued a warning of sanctions. Chief Judge Jones was disqualified to hear this case since she had ignored conclusive evidence of fraud on the court by Judge Ramos and Judge Hinojosa to benefit those engaged in fraud of federal funds and retaliation. US Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, Complaints of Judicial Misconduct Nos. 04-05–372-0089 and 90. Maldonado v Lindquist, et al, US District Court Southern District of Texas, Houston Division, Case N0. H-05-97.(US Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit Case No. 05-20257).

This case exposes the fact that there are no safeguards in place to impede that the same mentality that tortured and murdered women and children in concentration camps, use silent and invisible technologies to harm people in homes, vehicles, schools, courts, hospitals, and even congregations.

Victims from around the country can testify to the pain and suffering caused by electronic aggressions and Organized Stalking. See http://www.freedomfchs.com/repjimguestltr.pdf

This type of terrorism could be considered the most serious threat to the American family. Everyday we live this torture. Please pray for us. We need your help.

For all of the above reasons, I request an investigation of this Complaint and that after an investigation has taken place, to proceed accordingly against those responsible for the criminal acts detailed in this Complaint. If more information or documentation is needed, I will be happy to oblige. To the best of my knowledge and belief,


Jesus Mendoza Maldonado

2202 E. 28th St. Mission, Texas, 78574

Tel. 956 519 7140. http://jesusmendozza.blogspot.com/

od bless you JMM

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