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Micro-ondas - Demostracion de como "queman" a una multitud....igual torturan a ciudadanos en sus hogares....


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HOW I FOUND THE MANUAL TO LIFE, My testimony (1-15-2008).
What you are about to read in these pages may seem to be a diabolic nightmare. One time I heard that God whispers to your ear before He throws you a brick to call your attention. Only this horrifying experience could send me in a frantic search for God.
I lived a laid back life, and I thought I had what I needed. All of the sudden I found myself lying down on a chicken house dying in pain, struggling to breathe, forgotten by all, and with no hope. I begged to the Lord for my life so I could serve Him. God answered my prayers. This trial has shown me that we have a living God that punishes the same way a loving father punishes his children.
I had lived an honest life. However, I did not have God on my heart. I was arrogant, proud of myself, always criticizing others' mistakes, wise on my own opinion, and I had an answer to everything. Without knowing, I was like an animal going to its own destruction. I got married for the third time in 1994. A year later I started law school in the State of Michigan. My plan was to work as a lawyer to help the poor. If I could make the same money I make working as an auto-mechanic while helping the needy, I will be killing two birds with one stone, I thought. However, my thoughts started to change by the second year of law school. I started to think that maybe it was not right to study day and night to help those who probably were not going to appreciate it. I did not know that the tribulation was near.
Everything started when I found evidence that the law school was a big fraud. All of the sudden I found myself on the emergency room with chest pain, and difficulty to breathe. Something was telling me that my maladies had to do with the evidence of fraud that I had found. I became the subject of road harassment by weird people, and I felt like electrical shocks all over my body. I moved from my apartment, and placed aluminum paper in between the covers in my efforts to ameliorate the pain and be able to sleep. I would go from place to place looking for a place to study to no avail. The harassment was following everywhere I would go. I was confused, and many times I was asking myself whether I was losing my mind. The harassment was worst every day, and I returned to my hometown, Mission, Texas. It was July of 1998.
I started to work as a mechanic. However, the harassment followed me even to the work place. The pain and the diarrhea forced me to leave to Reynosa, Mexico. The harassment almost disappeared there. I decided to return when my wife became pregnant. I wanted to take to court the culprits of this harassment. I tried to find an attorney to no avail. Is very difficult to win a case against the federal government I was told. One attorney send me to see a Christian attorney, because according to him, this attorney could help me out. I went to his office and after explaining my case, the attorney told me that he was a servant of God, that he worked honestly and did not make a lot of money, then he could not take a case that was to take a lot of time and expense. "Let me pray for you," he told me. I came out of his office disappointed, feeling insulted. This guy wants to fix everything with prayers, I thought, without knowing that I was on a long road to realize that the solutions to all of our problems start with sincere prayer.
I filed a law suit myself against the law school. I know the law, I can do it myself, I need nobody, I thought. After three years of litigation, everything came out wrong, I though. What I said before the courts was not what I had prepared. Without knowing, the Lord had placed wise words on my lips. The harm caused by the overexposure to radiation had divested my body of the ability to tolerate environmental radiation. I had to spend the afternoons in the country side to be able to work. There, I started to read the Bible. I grabbed the book like someone grabs a life saver on troubled waters. Something was telling me that on that book I could find the answer to my problems. I had sought an education seeking wisdom and intelligence. However, the more years of study the more confusion I found, but I learned how to appear educated. I did not know that an education without God takes you away from Him, and that the wisdom and intelligence are found on the way seeking God.
Maybe this book has a trick, I thought. It's almost a thousand pages, but I am used to read more in three months, so reading this one is going to be a piece of cake, I thought. It took me a year to read the Bible for the first time. One time a pastor told me that unless we have the spark of God on our hearts, just reading the Bible is like having a car without battery.
The Lord gave us our daughter Kim in the year 2000. Ivan came the next year, and then came my daughter Karina. I was getting worst every day, I could barely work. At the beginning, I tried to persuade myself that the electronic aggression had ended, and that what I was feeling was just the pain caused by the environmental radiation. However, I would see my children screaming in pain in the middle of the night at the same time I felt the electric shocks. It was torturing to see my children in pain, swollen and disoriented, but I could not run into the street asking for help without risking being locked up on a mental house. To begin with, my family could not understand how the lights, the television set, the fridge, or the air conditioning could cause me swelling and pain. Some thought that I was crazy and was making excuses not to work. I was the object of ridicule, insults and scorn. My family became also my enemy.
I sought help and understanding with those who appeared more intelligent to no avail. Not even the more educated could contemplate the possibility that advanced and invisible technology could be used to torture and murder at a distance. I found myself on the dark tunnel of misery and despair. One day, crying with my daughter on my arms, I asked the Lord to help me demonstrate to others that this aggression is real. The Lord answered my prayers.
With the evidence necessary, I filed a law suit against the only one that could be responsible for this infamy, the federal government. While the case went through the courts, I tried to stay away from my children, to spare them pain and suffering. I asked the owner of the shop where I was working to allow me to stay there after explaining my tribulation. A few weeks after, he asked me to leave, because he could not stand the pain and was concerned for his children. Things became worst after the case reached the US Supreme Court. I asked my wife to take the children to the ranch of my in-laws in Mexico.
A few days after, a police officer came to my door with an order of arrest. My mother had been persuaded that I was neglecting medical care, and that a State hospital was able to cure electrical sensitivities. Without knowing, my mother was sending me to a mental hospital. There, I presented the medical records of my condition that indicated that I could not stay inside a building for extended periods of time. I was ignored. I spent the night on the emergency room with a swollen heart. During the psychiatric evaluation, the doctor claimed not being familiar with electrical sensitivities. To him, my claim that I had a pending case on the US Supreme Court was delusional, he said.
I asked the Lord not to let me die there because I did not want my children carry the stigma that their father had died on a mental hospital. The Lord answered my prayers. The same day, I saw a gentleman walking by. He had a look of peace and harmony in his face. I asked him if he was a doctor, and he said, "yes, I am a doctor here." I asked him if he was familiar with people with electrical sensitivities. He said that he had studied several cases in Greece, the place where he was coming from. After making a psychiatric evaluation, he said that the only problem I had was to explain to others that I am sensitive to electricity. My wife and kids were waiting for me at home. A month after, the swelling and pain aggravated my breathing problems, and I was taken to the ranch of my in-laws in Mexico. The electronic aggression almost kills me the same night I arrived there. There was no doubt, the radiation was directed by satellite. It was May of 2003.
It is difficult to believe that death can come from satellites, I told my in-laws, as I was lying in bed, on the patio looking at the stars. The pain was so intense that I could barely breathe. Every day seemed to be the last. What is happening to me is bound to happen to you too, guys, I told them. Unless we do something about it, no even the chickens are going to make it, I said. This is like placing us inside a microwave oven every day, I explained. Only God can save us from this, but it would be tempting the Lord if we do no do anything to defend ourselves, I told them. The wise thing to do now is to get together as a family and send letters to our congressmen asking for an explanation to this case, maybe that could help, I explained. Please do it for my children, I begged.
One day, one of my nephews came for help on a homework assignment dealing with satellite technology. I read aloud one paragraph explaining how satellites are equipped with powerful lasers and other lethal technologies. It was horrendous to hear my in-laws complaining of pain all night. My mother-in-law thought that this was witchcraft. Although she was a servant of God, the pain made her to persuaded me to go and see a witch. Thanks God, the lady was not home. One day I felt the need to go to church. I cried when they placed their hands on my head. Without knowing, I was surrendering to the feet of Christ. It was wonderful.
I asked the Lord to see my desire to serve him with all my heart. However, I felt unease when I invited the Holy Spirit to come in me when my head was full of arrogance, envy, hate, resentment, and revenge. Little by little I started to get rid of that evil, replacing it with love. Without knowing, I was entering real life. I shared with the congregation my efforts to purify my mind. I said that we have the habit of judging others by appearances. "And we think bad of people most of the time," said one of my sisters in Christ. It was true. I realized that the only way real life is to sincerely make an effort to treat others the same way we like to be treated. I had been like a beast before God. When it done on me that the Son of God had asked for forgiveness to those who were whipping, and spitting Him, I started to pray for those who are procuring this evil to us. Things started to change when my prayers became sincere.
When I felt I had only a few days to live, I came back home to see my children for the last time. Thanks God, I started to feel better, and I was able to work. However, the electronic aggression became stronger even at the work place. One day, I was on my knees asking the Lord to provide what I needed so I could demonstrate to others that the electronic aggression persisted. At that time, the telephone rang. I had been on a radio talk show explaining my tribulation and the producer was offering me detection equipment. At the right time, the Lord has been giving me what I need to show with facts that this evil plan is real.
I have tried to explain every which way this complex technology to no avail. Only those who have an intimate relationship with God have been able to discern my tribulation. Prayers that evil does not harm my children have been answered. My daughters' speech problems are getting mild. Karina had grown a tumor on her foot and could not move one finger in each hand. The tumor disappeared one day before the surgery, and now she can move all of her fingers.
What I thought had come out wrong on the courts came out to be right. Although the litigation did not stop the electronic aggressions, and even when some judges attempted regard the case as delusion or fantasy, the record established as a matter of law my mental stability and the fact that satellite technologies are in use to torture those who denounce injustice in a way that others may not perceive the aggression. This evidence can be used by other victims. The Lord has given me the opportunity to encourage other victims to seek help from the Lord. I explain that it is more likely that the Lord would help one of His servants than helping one evil from another evil.
The road harassment continues. There have been attempts to run over myself and my children, I have been the subject of death threats, and I have been labeled as child molester, drug dealer, and mentally insane. It is sad to see in congregations, some of those engaged in this evil. The electronic aggressions occur even when I am helping my children with homework. Although the pain stays with me day and night, the Lord has given me the strength to deal with this trial. Even in the agony of the pain I feel the joy of having placed all of my faith and confidence on God. I know that the Lord will keep in perfect peace those whose mind meditate on Him. Now I can say with confidence that to live is Christ and to die can be for the better. I know that everything comes to be right to all who sincerely serve the Lord. Please pray for us and for those who procure us harm.
Jesus Mendoza, 2202 E. 28th. St. Mission, Texas, 78574 Tel. 956/ 519 7166;

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